Be Foot-Ready For The Rains


By: Esther C

The rainy season is here, and along with it comes a host of beauty problems. While your hair gets all frizzy and unmanageable, your skin is susceptible to bacteria attack. Besides, there is one problem that common to almost everyone, and that is your feet looking totally messed up due to its prolonged exposure to water and not to forget, those nasty rain footwear bites. As not stepping out is not an option, FMW brings you home remedies to make your feet look fresh and scar-free.

Firstly, keep your feet dry and clean at all times. Whenever you come from outside, be it work or office, make sure you wash your feet and dry it, especially between the toes to avoid fungal infections. Also, at night make it a part of your beauty regime to moisturise your feet.

Cut your toe nails regularly. This prevents them free from collecting dirt. Nothing makes the feet look uglier than muck-stuffed nails.
As most prefer using closed pair of shoes than flip flops to avoid muck splashing on the back of their legs, the odour when you take off your shoes is quite bad. For this, make sure to soak your feet in warm salt water when you get back home at night. Make it a point to wash your rain footwear once a week.

You can also wash your feet daily with a foot wash enriched with essential oils such as tea tree, lemon, eucalyptus or lemongrass. Alternatively, put the oils in salt water and soak your feet in it. You can also apply oil on feet and hands, and dip in warm salt water for 10 minutes to improve circulation.

And to get rid of shoe bite masks, you can apply a basic face mask that lightens the scars. These simple steps can get rid of all your foot woes. Besides being inexpensive, it can be can therapeutic too.

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