Beauty Insights For the Indian Skin Type

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Ms. Watanabe
Ms. Watanabe

Ms. Hiroko Watanabe started her career as a member of the skincare development team at the Shiseido Research Center and has been instrumental in developing many revolutionary products for various brands at Shiseido. During the course of her career, Ms. Watanabe has studied a variety of skin types and skin problems that are face by women across the world, including acne, dark spots, wrinkles and sagginess. She has been awarded by various beauty magazines across Japan and is highly acclaimed in the beauty and skincare sector.

Fashion Most Wanted caught up with Ms. Watanabe in an exclusive interview during her visit to India. She shared with us some interesting facts, tips and remedies especially for the Indian skin type.

There are various skincare/haircare brands in the world.  What technology does Shiseido use to set itself apart?

We combine research on the latest technology with extremely high levels of product safety, which can be said to be amongst the best in the world.  Regarding technology, we have accumulated a total of 18 awards at the Olympics of beauty technology, the IFSCC (The International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists). As for safety, we have developed our own stringent safety standards and test each ingredient accordingly.

You have played a major role in developing many of its products.  Which products do you recommend the most and why?

The product that I would recommend the most would be Za True White Day Cream because it has the triple effects of Whitening, Sun Protection & Moisturization all in one jar making it a must have for any Metropolitan woman on the go.

We have anti-aging creams.  But can effects really be reversed? Bio-performance claims it shows results in one day.  How does that work?

The ageing process is natural, and cannot be stopped.  However, through our research, we are continuing to develop faster and more effective ways to target problems such as dark spots and wrinkles that can delay ageing and reduce the signs of ageing that are visible on the skin.

How does the new premium brand Za work on Indian skin?  Which products from the line would you recommend according to various skin types?

Za has two skin care lines in India, Za True White for Whitening and Za Perfect Solution for Youth Retention. Both the lines by Za combine the latest skincare technology with natural ingredients and are suited for use in the varied Indian climate. The texture of the products are dewy, and can be used comfortably throughout the year even in high humidity.

We recommend the Za True White line for those concerned with dark spots and uneven skin-tone, and for those concerned with dryness or lack of elasticity we recommend the Za Perfect Solution line.

Indian summers are very hot and humid for many of us. Can you suggest a skin care regime that would help keep our skin from sun damage?

Summer in India can be quite harsh, varying from dry heat to humid heat. We recommend using Za products with SPF year round to prevent damages from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. It is important to keep the skin moisturized to prevent excessive moisture loss from the skin.

Dry skin is especially prone to the effects of the sun, so it is important to moisturize well at the same time.

While face scrubs are great, they can cause breakouts for oily skin.  Is there an alternative for that?

For oily skin, using a scrub excessively may result in an excessive secretion of oils from the skin, they may even lead to abrasion to the surface of the skin on inappropriate usage.

The key is to gently wash the face with a creamy foam – both Za True White and Za Perfect Solution Cleansing Foams lather up into creamy foam, and are effective in removing excess sebum, dirt, dead skin and impurities.  The Za True White Cleanser contains small granules for a more refreshing feel.

How can one achieve youthful, bright eyes?

Use a cream with a smooth texture like Za Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream to massage and moisturize the skin around the eyes.

The skin around the eyes is especially thin and sensitive, so apply the cream by using the middle finger to tap the area gently. This will increase blood circulation and relieve puffiness.

How can one prevent and treat razor burns?

Apply a moisturizing cream to the skin before using a razor.  This will allow the razor to move smoothly and will not remove the cornified layer (upper most layer of the skin).

Women pay a lot of attention to their face but body sometimes gets neglected. 

How can one maintain soft and firm skin on the body?

Use a moisturizing body cream or emulsion all year round.  Pay special attention to the neck and hands as these are the areas that can age the most.  Use a moisturizer as well as sun protection on these areas.

Tell us 5 mistakes women make and must avoid for healthy, glowing skin.

1.  Not lathering up the cleanser ““ Always lather up the cleanser into a creamy foam with your hands.  Wash gently and do not scrub.

2.  Neglecting skincare when the temperature is high ““ Skin is exposed to air conditioning and changing levels in humidity between indoors and outdoors in the summer.  It is important to have and keep a skincare regime all year round.

3.  Applying products roughly in the eye area ““ the skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive.  Do not scrub or rub products ““ instead, apply gently.

4.  Not using the correct amount of product ““ use the correct amount of product to get the best results.  When in doubt, ask a beauty advisor!

5.  Keeping products in the sun/ in high humidity ““ cosmetic products contain many ingredients that may be affected by extreme heat or humidity.  Try to keep them away from direct sunlight and high humidity.

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