Braids Are In This Fall

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By: Roshni Raj
So we’re all gloomed and disheartened by this bummer of a weekend and saddened by the cancelling of Swedish House Mafia in Mumbai.

The weather is totally werqing our way with the mini glimpses and hints of Mumbai winters. So blowing away the frizz and hoohaas of messed up hair, we are finally ready to bask in the beauty of fancy hairstyles breaking the ennui of a cliché braid and boring buns. With the three must try hairstyles this week, we step outside the box for a little play and styling from poker straight to luscious locks. A bun, a braid and a braided bun.

The bow bun is cute and trendy in keeps the hair off your face and unimaginably manageable, make those heads turn when you work your way through the crowd. Boost this immaculate styling with a flower or cute clips to brag it into the dressier list.

Knots in hair are not always a trouble maker and we are gorging on the aura of simplicity that this one serves us. Completely working the ebb and flow of comfort and ease, we love the teeny twisting factor too.

Knotted Hair

Curl the braids and the bun with this exciting exquisiteness. Splendour and magnificence oozing its way into fashion, this is something that pleases us all.

Braided Bun

For those with luscious locks, we’d say leave it loose after the braid. The dark and voluptuous Indian hair is explicitly the best blessing to dawn on us ever.

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