Celebrity Hairstylis”‹t Asgar ON RED HAIR FADE

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A few simple tips from world renowned celebrity hairstylist Asgar who has worked his magic on style icons such as Twiggy and Cindy Crawford could help rescue you from the dreaded red hair fade.


So how do we prevent red hair fade this Spring/Summer?

ASGAR: If you’re opting to go for a spicy tangerine, or soft auburn hair hue this Spring/Summer to compliment your Gwen Stefani lip shade, queen of red heads Florence Welch will be the first to tell you that there’s no room for sloppy hair-care.

Top Tips from Celebrity Hair Stylist, Asgar on How To Prevent Red Hair Fading:

1.    Apply hair colour to clean hair

Colour penetrates better and lasts longer on clean hair so it may be worth taking some time to wash the hair the night before dying it.  However, if you already have a sensitive scalp washing your hair the night before is not necessary as it may cause irritation.

2.    Refrain from washing until48 hours aftercolouring the hair

After dying the hair, avoid washing it until at least 48 hours after application of the hair colour. Red molecules are large, and irritating the cuticle with hot water and shampoosoon after colouring can release the pigment prematurely.

3.    Apply a red cellophane gloss one week after colouring the hair

Visit your preferred salon and have them apply a red cellophane gloss to your hair. Vegetable colours such as cellophanes are safer to use then henna and fade gently withoutleaving a residue. The overall treatment willseal the colour and give your hair beautiful shine.

4.    Avoid usingabrasive shampoos.

Invest in a quality colour support shampoo and conditioner. Consult with a stylist before you make this choice to ensure you are not using a copper red colour shampoo on blue red colour hair.

5.    When exposed to the sun, weara hat or UV protection

Protecting the hair with a light weight, non-greasy sun protector hair product is important to avoid hair damage as well as fade.


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