The New Waterless Facewash for Men

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The first thought that comes to your mind when you consider stepping out is usually about how you’d brave the scorching heat. Looking presentable in every situation is half a battle won, but the fight till the end is lost when the summer heat begins to take a toll. At most times, a quick face wash helps rejuvenate. However, being on the go only means higher chances of not finding a wash basin for that quickie with the face.

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We’ve all wanted to have a face wash that didn’t require water and we’ve dreamed of what it would be like to have clean skin at your fingertips, no matter where. Well, someone’s finally answered our prayers and created a facewash that is WATERLESS.

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You read that right! Innovation is here to mesmerize. HE On The Go Waterless Face Wash is a product straight off the shelves that innovated a technology that does not require you to use water to get that perfect facewash.

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FashionMostWanted had the exclusive opportunity to test out HE On The Go Waterless Face Wash , made specifically for men always on the move. It blew away our mind by the mere thought of its existence, but not wanting to settle easy, we decided to put it to test.

Here’s the HE report card:

  1. Cleaning: HE Facewash contain Aloe Vera and minerals from marine extracts that act as the perfect formula to give you a cleaner, fresher and brighter face. A book in most cases is always judged by its cover. HE is your bestie for times when you have travel on your agenda and want to ensure you make a good and long lasting impression.
  2. Usability: Its compact nature makes for a product efficient in being carried around. The product is also extremely easy to use ““ Apply on face and then wipe off with handkerchief/tissue.
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If you’re heading to a meeting and have the pollution settle on your face, HE Waterless Face Wash will help you revive your brighter glow to ensure that the discussion around the table, swings in your favour.

  1. Adaptability: Its ability to suit any skin type makes it the best face wash for men. No matter where you travel, or what the weather condition, the HE waterless face wash is the ideal travel buddy.

In the age of swiping right over lunch and dating over dinner, the importance of looking dapper, fresh and clean at all times cannot be stressed enough. A quick dab of HE Waterless face wash while you are On The Go and you’re all ready to woo your way through.

You can buy the product –  20g for Rs. 35/- and 50g for Rs. 85/-

There’s nothing like someone helping you stay on top of your A Game while you focus on seizing the day.

Carpe Diem we say!

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Story by: Giselle Mendes | Photography: Sushant Sawant

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