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Come summer, and the one thing that rattles me up is the tips of my fingers. After the dry winters, it is time for the other extreme–humidity. So we at FMW thought it is the right time to get some expert summer nail tips. Read on to find out more!

ShonShon Ragui Technical Director, Nail, Juice Salon & Academy
ShonShon Ragui of LYN Nails

In Conversation with ShonShon Ragui of LYN Nails

Apart from global nail trends, what, according to you, are the colours and textures that will surface this season?

Neon, floral hues such as pink and red, pristine white and reverse manicure with a negative space effect are some of the trends that will emerge this summer.

Nail Art  Juice Salon & Academy

Could you share some nail tips for Summer 2015.

With or without nail enamour, always keep your nails clean and palm moisturised with a good sunscreen, hand lotion or cream. With the rising temperatures, nails are the worst affected due to the humidity.

What would you suggest to maintain the lustre and life of nails?

During summers, because of the sun and dust, our hands tend to become dry and nails can start layering. Apply cuticle oil to your nails and cuticles twice a day for healthy nail growth. Applying a nail hardener helps I strengthening the nails.

By: Esther Cabral

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