Hair Trends This Spring – By Global Expert, TIGI

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Are you having a good hair day? That’s so last year! TIGI’S Global Expert, gives you a lowdown on the looks that are in vogue this Spring Season 2014

The spring and summer trends are bringing back controlled textures, simple and elegant looks, with a strong influence on low slung side partings – the texture being ‘Old Hollywood meets Grunge’ … glamorous with a cool edge. Also there will be Buns at different heights, ballet buns, topknots and low set on the nape. Braiding is always huge this time of year, Long Fishtail braids to the side and halo plaits with voluminous curls will always be a hit. Then of course all of these looks will be draped in jewel encrusted head pieces of all different shapes and sizes.

1. Milkmaid braided bun: One of the classiest hairdos – the milkmaid braid, is an epitome in itself. The milkmaid braid oozes innocence and an underlying sensual awareness that not many hairstyles in themselves can muster. Such a style has been spotted, both on the street and on the runway.

How to get the Milkmaid Braided Bun?
Milkmaid Braided Bun

Get the look: Prep the hair with Masterpiece then starting from your parting place in your braid working the 3 strands under each other instead of over to create a 3d effect, then start on the other side of your parting and place in a second braid wrapping them over each other at the back and pinning into place, spritz with Head Rush to give shine.

2. Low Ponytails: From the hassle-free to the extravagant, from daytime to evening, the low ponytail is amongst the hairstyles to master for your spring 2014 hair repertoire. Last year was all about a sleek ponytail, a tie-in with the year’s sports fashion trend. Through their style evolution, one thing about ponytail hairstyles remains certain: they are styles that are never to be going out of style. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many of 2014″²s hair trends are built upon the ponytail.

How to get the Most Popular Low Ponytail?
Most Popular Low Ponytail

Get the look: Apply S factor Dream Drops to pre washed hair, blow dry sleek and straight, use Flat Iron Spray on each section before using a straightening iron, bring hair into a low pony at the nape and spritz with Vivacious Hair Spray to hold the look in place and mask any fly aways and add extra shine.

3. Textured Soft Waves: Soft yet undone, this variation of the soft waves hairstyle incorporates some of that bed hair tousle and beachy texture. This hairstyle is relaxed yet still flirty, with that little bit of an edge, making it very natural looking and perfect for spring.

How to get Waves Texture?
Waves Texture

Get the look: Apply Superstar Queen For a Day to dry hair then blow dry with a round brush, whilst the hair is still warm, spritz Maxed Out on each 2inch section, and wrap them around your fingers horizontally and clip to the head, (like a rollers set without the rollers!) Let them cool for a while and then take all the clips out and shake your head upside down to encourage body and movement, finish with After Party to give separation and sheen.

4. Boho Twist Up ‘Dos: Bohemian hair makes us happy. Maybe it’s something about how “undone” it looks: Loose, wavy, and with stray hairs all over the place, it’s the ultimate romantic hairstyle and somehow always elevates your personality. The Boho twist updo is perfect for the upcoming spring and summer months, and is as lovely and simple to re-create.

How to get the Boho Twist Updo's  ?
Boho Twist Updo’s

Get the look: Prep hair with Funtimes, part the hair in your usual parting, now tie a loose ponytail (this could be to the side, a low pony at the nape or at the occipital bone) part the ponytail in two and loosely tie in knots until u reach the end and ties a band at the end. Now you can loop it around itself to create a loose bun/side bun or if your hair is long enough bring it around to your front hairline and attach it like a braid at the front.

5. Wavy Bobs: Bob haircuts are always in style. They’re practically everywhere, so if you want to stand out a little bit, start rocking a wavy bob! Wavy bobs are a refreshing twist to the classic bob hairstyle.

How to get the Wavy?
Wavy Bobs

Get the look: Prep pre washed hair with Totally Baked, rough dry the product in, take a curling iron and wrap pieces of hair around it, spritzing with Hard Head Hairspray as you go, let them cool down, simply shake them through with your fingers apply some Sugar Dust through them for hold and create longevity.

By: Aislinn Trodden

TIGI’S Global Expert


TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen of the Day
TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen of the Day
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TIGI Bed Head Headrush
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TIGI Bed Head Candy Fixation Totally Baked
TIGI Bed Head Sugar Dust
TIGI Bed Head Sugar Dust
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