Halloween Inspired looks – From Work To The Dance Floor!

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Yes, your assuming that how can spooky looks actually look decent? We aren’t talking avant garde here, but a palette that will leave you looking quite pretty with the concept of Halloween behind it that you could flaunt for the rest of the week! The routine’s are simple and fuss free and will be an absolute revamp to the usual. Unleash your inner beast!

1. Smoked Aubergine

A look most women find very experimental and never settle with. They would rather play safe with lighter and softer purples that are feminine and floral. The dark smoked purple make up palette is one that settles with only the bold. A forbidden sin on the runaway and on print catalogues. We think that it is an excellent alternative to the oxy blood red, inheriting a bit of curiousity.

Halloween Looks

For eyes – You need to work with a smoky eye that includes shades of grey, silver, dark purple and black. The build on of all the shades in a circular or winged form is sure to make your eyes create enough drama.
For lips – Various shades of tones and shades of dark purple are available at beauty stores. The key is to pick one that compliments your skin best. The richest plums that progress to black suit women who have pale to fair skin while a violet tends to look best on tan skin.

2. Sensuous Daredevil
Every women’s favourite! Classic reds, rich oxy bloods and deep maroons, all part of our staples today. But we’re showing you how to tweak this one.

Halloween Looks
For eyes – Step back from the usual black eyeliner and indulge in play and work towards a light crimson or scarlett eyeshadow palette. Add a touch of beige gold towards the inner corner of your eyes to embrace the lady in you. While most of us may find this unacceptable, this is about to get a lot more fun. Build on the intensity of red as you gain confidence and finish off with sweeps of mascara.
For lips – Go ahead and try a shade of red that you haven’t considered before. But also bear in mind, your skin tonal value. Matte shades are an absolute stunner.

3.Aquatic Swan
A dangerous combination of an ice princess and a black swan. This make up look we are most aroused by to try on, considering we can play with two personalities and behold an intriguing character.

Halloween Looks
For eyes – Working towards shades of blue, anything from a frosty turquoise to an intensive cobalt or a rich navy. Build in progression and add a hint of sparkle with silver dust. Stick to one shade of blue only. Thick blue eyeliners also make quite the difference.
For lips – A natural pink or a swipe of gloss to keep it moderate or if you want to be extravagant, paint them blue!

[Note – All the makeup looks are best with a clear face. Your usual foundation, concealer and a beige blush are adequate. Don’t forget to keep your talons in lieu with the looks!

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