Have Him Smelling Good

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By: Roshni Raj

Now that the Valentine’s Day wardrobe is all set and matched, we sense the trouble of gifting and packaging. Since we all live in a world of money and glamour, it’s very seldom we find people settling to the lesser luxuries of life. But we promise to make this day a worthy one for all your expenses. For him, for her and for them; we conquer every territory.


Oriflame has been making news for its marvellous beauty products for the ladies and now they’re back with exotic and masculine fragrances to steal those lady hearts. Various types to suit each mood, they introduce a range of Eau De Toilette hampers and solos, making it easier for the women to pick a gift. Ladies, this is your chance. Get the best one for your man and enjoy while he smells divine all the time.

Free Motion Eau De Toilette
Forget about gravity and take yourself to daring new heights with the exhilarating kick of Free Motion. Refreshing spearmint merged with spicy liquorice and sandalwood captures the rush of Free Motion’s challenge, pushing you higher and faster than ever.

Free Motion Eau De Toilette
Free Motion Eau De Toilette

Native Force Eau De Toilette
The call of discovery beckons you into the unknown, sparking your curiosity for what lies beneath the placid surface. Native Force Eau de Toilette drives you forward with the cool radiance of cardamom spiced with kaffir lime and palo santo. Dare to delve into your hidden depths.

Native Force
Native Force

Signature Eau De Toilette
Woody and fruity Signature is a fragrance for the discerning man. With pear for originality, nutmeg for artistry and vetiver for elegance, Signature represents a man of creativity and culture.

Signature Eau de Toilette
Signature Eau de Toilette

Giordani Man Eau De Toilette

Giordani Man Eau de Toilette

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