Everything you Need to Know about No Shave November

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Growing facial hair or a beard is not just a sign of masculinity, but for some men, a beard can be a significant part of their personality and self-expression. Well, if you are in a dilemma as to whether to keep your beard or sport a clean-shaven look, here’s your sign to let your beard grow wild. It’s that time of the year when you put down your razors and let the game of hair begin! November 1 marks the start of the No shave November’ – the month where you stop shaving for a month to raise cancer awareness. This campaign encourages all, men and women alike, to let their body hair grow throughout the month. 

No shave November
No shave November Significance

Why No Shave November is Celebrated?

The term No shave November’ was coined by the Hill family who lost their father to colon cancer in 2007. They started a web-based non-profit organisation with the same name in 2009 to raise awareness for various cancers in men, mainly prostate and colon cancer. Their goal, as per the website, “is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free.” The idea is to save all your shaving and trimming expenses and donate the amount to aid cancer survivors and for research purposes. Hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy and losing hair can be worse than a nightmare to some people. It is high time to evoke conversations about their struggles and support cancer prevention and education. 

How to Participate?

Participation in this global campaign is fairly easy. You just have to put your razors down for a month and that’s all it takes to get involved in this nationwide campaign. No shave November rules are also simple – don’t shave for a month, let your hair grow freely, and embrace your hair which multiple cancer patients lose. 

Help prevent cancer by donating your monthly grooming expenses to cancer research, treatment, and education. You could also start your fundraising page for the cause or support someone else. 

No shave November: Following the Trend

The main agenda of the campaign is to raise cancer awareness in your community and help raise funds. Participants basically stop shaving and let their body hair grow naturally, something that many cancer patients lack. However, you can trip or groom your hair if your workplace has a strict dress code. If you do not want to grow your hair, you can still donate to the cause as well. 

With its humble beginnings as a Facebook page, No shave November has grown to receive worldwide recognition for its worth. The Facebook page started with roughly 50 participants in 2009 and last year the No shave November awareness campaign raised around 1.76 million dollars. It has a global outreach and all for the right reasons! Social media pages are flooded with the hashtag #NoshaveNovember where millions of people participate to support the event. The event has sparked conversations about the deadly disease, the hardships patients go through, prevention, and of course education. 

It’s your chance to support a worthy cause and evoke conversations about the struggles of cancer survivors by participating in this event. It’s also high time to normalize body hair, not only beards and mustaches but of any kind!

Let your beards grow and the donations flow!

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