Leading Shades of Red Lipstick

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There’s nothing quite like a bold red pout. The aura created by it cannot be compared to the power of any other makeup look. It is certain that you must pick the perfect shade for your mouth in order to reveal the sensuality of a woman in red. We often have to tone down the limelight on our eyes when we’re letting our lips speak in volumes. That doesn’t mean keeping our eyes completely nude. Minimal eyeliner and sweeps of mascara or a subtle gold or bronze eyeshadow with a pair of hot red lips are sure enough to please the crowd.


It is ideal that you keep on trying different shades and see which one matches your skin tone best. Take advice from a make up artist who will have noticed the do’s and dont’s of red lipstick.

Apply a lip liner to start off with, so that it prevents your lipstick from bleeding and will last you longer through the night.Sheer and shimmery glosses in red look best on almost everyone and adds freshness to the palette. We recommend tangerine red tones, that look great on darker skin  and a bright rich crimson for someone who is fair. Oxy-bloods look best on pale and fair skin, although that doesn’t stop the others from trying some. A berry red tends to look appealing on women with darker brown hair. There are no set rules to the palette. Go ahead and find your perfect striking red, for the blondes know how to work it and so do the brunettes!

By: Fleur De Mello

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