Who wore makeup first man or woman?

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Story by: Jeremy Cabral

Men’s use of makeup in history is not much known to many. It is interesting to note that makeup, which is often associated with women, had a significant role in the lives of men in ancient cultures. This dates back to 10,000 years ago when tribal men would wear paint for either hunting or battle purposes, rather than for cosmetic purposes. The use of paint served a functional purpose, either as camouflage for hunting animals or to intimidate enemies during battle, and had nothing to do with enhancing one’s appearance. It is quite different from the way makeup is often perceived today, especially by men outside show business, who might be ridiculed for using it.

Men's use of makeup in 10000 Bc

Men’s use of makeup in 4000 BC by Egyptian kings and pharaohs

Around 4,000 BC, Egyptian pharaohs and kings began to wear thick eye makeup. During King Tutankhamun’s reign, he and other men in his court used a green shade of eye makeup because they believed that green represented the sun and sky gods.

Men’s nail polish in Ancient Japan and China

Similarly, around 3,000 BC, men in Japan and China wore nail polish to indicate their higher social standing. They used a mixture of ingredients such as eggs, gelatin, and acacia gum to create the polish. It can be said that these ancient people were very clever and resourceful in inventing these beauty practices.

Men’s use of makeup in 4000 BC by the Romans

The Romans went even further in their beauty practices. They used to paint not only their faces but also the tops of their heads to hide their baldness. In addition, they applied powder to their faces to make their complexions appear lighter. This indicates that the Romans were willing to go to extreme lengths to improve their appearance.

Men's use of makeup in 4000 BC by the Romans

It made sense because those men needed to make sure they looked one step above the average person. The image was everything. Sounds familiar?

In conclusion, the history of makeup is far more diverse than we might think. From tribal men using paint for functional purposes to ancient civilizations creating beauty practices, makeup has played an important role in both men’s and women’s lives throughout history. While the use of makeup today is often associated with women, it is important to recognize that it has a rich history in cultures all over the world. The examples of ancient Egyptians, Japanese, and Chinese men, and Romans illustrate the creativity and resourcefulness of people in developing new beauty practices. The use of makeup, then and now, is a reflection of the societal norms and values that shape our perceptions of beauty.

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