Parlour Parley

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Adamo salon has revolutionized the Kitty Party scene in the capital. Much akin to its name Parlour Parley has been fascinatingly designed for ladies who would love to indulge in their beauty pampering and socializing sessions in tandem.

Parlour Parley

The kitty party wine, cheese, good music and socializing are no more confined to lounges, cafes or homes. Your woes of missing out on beauty regimes or not being able to socialize can be put to rest with “Parlour Parley“ in the offing. It not only takes away the hassles of organizing a do or having to squeeze out time but it also drives away the pre-conceived notion of a salon where each one is to herself through the tedious pampering sessions.  Parlour Parley is all set to break the monotony and do away with the mundane sessions at the salon. While you sit back and get spoiled to the manicures, pedicures, head and foot massages, hair spa and colouring you now have the added luxury of indulging in your favorite red and white wines with a variety of nibbles to choose from.

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Aanchal Gupta, Owner, Adamo who herself is a hair and make-up expert mentioned, “I thought it was about time the beauty conscious women find more compelling reasons to maintain their beauty regimes and what better than something like Parlour Parley where one’s beauty and social sessions are rolled together.“


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