Post Holi Cleansing Ritual


Story by: Jeremy Cabral

In recent times, many of us opt for a color-free Holi or a natural-color-only Holi. However, there is always that one pesky friend who loves using strong colors that are not easy to remove. While we all pay a lot of attention to our face and hair, the hands and feet, that face the brunt of all the chemicals, that often do not get equal attention. Hence we at decided to carefully craft a post holi cleansing ritual for our readers to rid your body, both of harmful toxins and help rejuvenate your skin.

Talking about post-Holi skin care ritual, there are a number of important things you must adapt to avoid skin concerns. Let’s take a look at some expert tips for post Holi skin care.

Cleansing the right way: After all the fun, dance and celebration gets over, comes the real problem of getting rid of the colours from your face.

  • Rinse your face with plain water and apply a cleansing cream or face lotion over it so that it gets clean from deep within.
  • It is important that all the impurity and toxic substances release out of your skin-pores.
  • So it is suitable to use a cleanser containing less of chemical elements and more of natural ingredients like Tea Tree.

Soothe your Body Skin: Soaps vs. cleansers vs. ubtan ““ ubtan-like packs made of earthen clay (Multani Mitti) or a combination of Wheat flour, Curd, Haldi can be applied all over the body to remove the colour. This ensures the skin doesn’t get too dry as against using the soap, as its detergent action might dry-out the skin. Lukewarm water always helps. Use cleansing milk and lukewarm water must be used on the face, as second wash after using the Ubtan. You can also apply a combination of sea salt, Glycerin and an aromatic oil to remove the colour. Do not scrub, remove the Ubtan while it is still wet, this is especially important for those with acne prone facial and truncal (chest and back) skin. Shampooing is necessary to clean the scalp and conditioner will help condition and moisten the hair, preventing them from getting frizzy.

Eye Cream: After all the exposing to sun and harmful hues and toxic elements flying in the air all throughout the day, our eyes become really stressful. It is important to apply a good and efficient eye cream full of vitamin E before dozing off to sleep. This will make you feel fresh in the next morning and will clear your dark circles and patches overnight.

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