Tips For Lightening Your Underarms

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The social media has been buzzing with campaigns and contest encouraging women to take Sleeveless Selfies.  What is the one thing that make women insure to wear sleeveless every time they step out of the house. Yes you guessed right, it is their dark underarms that is caused due to lazy or you could say careless habits.
One of the biggest reason is shaving your underarms. Now shaving your underarms may be a quick and easy solution for the women on the go. But this careless habit can prove to be more of a hazard in the long run leading to darkening of your underarms. Start waxing instead. Though it may seems to be a painful solution. We assure you the compliments would pay you for the effort. Here’s a scientific explanation as well which we sourced whilst researching for this article. Waxing is the way to go, since waxing removes hair right from the root. Continuously damaging the roots makes it harder for the hair to grow back again.
Once you get the waxing routine right, the next step is looking for a good anti-perspirant that:
1) works at deodorizing your armpits
2) does not irritate and clog your pores, causing little bumps or redness
3) does not darken your skin with its chemicals
4) does not leave a white residue
5) lasts long
6) is a scent that you like, or if you prefer, has no smell whatsoever
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Most deodorants found at drug store or your beauty shop leave a white residue and tend to darken your skin over time. This is due to the aluminum or zinc content, that cause little bumps to form on your skin. So we suggest you decide carefully and use the above mentioned six guidelines before purchasing your deodorant. The only product that matched to our expectation and research available in the market was the Nivea Whitening Deodorant Spray. Nivea has been a household brand for many years. We all recall using the Nivea cold cream. So opting for this brand seems to be a safe bet.
We also recommend you opt for home remedies. Mostly dead cells cause the darkening. So, wax your underarms. Then, use a facial exfoliant like apricot scrub to unclog your pores and get rid of dead cells. Rinse well and pat dry. Apply lemon juice to your underarms and relax for about 10 minutes. Lemon juice whitens your skin. Rinse well and enjoy your new underarms. We recommend you do this routine once a month. Good luck.

By: Jeremy Cabral


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