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Alas! The monsoons are gone for good (read: until June 2015) and it’s time for some TLC for your luscious mane. So, on a humid Tuesday afternoon, I headed to Naturals Salon and Spa, Powai, to get a rejuvenating treatment for my monsoon-battered hair.

Naturals Spa

Renowned for their hair spa treatments, I was curious to see the results myself; and boy, I was content. Formulated with rare and exotic ingredients, the Kerastase Ritual Hair Spa is an intensive hair care treatment that helps treat dull, dry and damaged hair. This nourishing hair spa strengthens the roots leaving the hair shiny, soft, revitalized and conditioned. This relaxing, moisturizing hair spa lasts for about an hour and a half and packs in the lost luster due to daily travel and pollution.

While in there, throw in a Therapeutic Manicure & Pedicure. We hear, this is a recent addition to the salon menu. Sea Salt, one of the key ingredients in this treatment, is used for exfoliation and ensures to remove all the toxins leaving your hands and feet supple and mineral recharged. This is then followed by a warm, relaxing massage with vitamin-rich moisturizers and a rejuvenating pack.

So, get those bangs and tips back in business with this spa treatment.

By: Esther Cabral


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