Different styles of eyeliner #Protips

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The eyeliner is the most important beauty product that we couldn’t even imagine what we would do without it. The eyeliner gives us an instant lift that we simply can’t stay away from. If you have amazing skin, then a dash of eyeliner and a sweep of gloss and you’re ready to swing. The eyeliner has the superpower to make one look dramatic in a few seconds. It is important that you choose a good set of wet and dry eyeliners and in the right shades that match your skin tone. We’re talking about different styles of eyeliner a little more experimental than the usual straight line. So sit in front of your mirror, and bring out the drama queen within you.

1. Winged Eye Eyeliner

Winged Eye

The winged eyeliner has progressed gracefully and dramatically in the last couple of years. The classic Sophia Loren is one that is here to stay, while the dramatic winged cat eyes are growing wilder each season. Runaways are doing a lot of bold winged liners that are sometimes colourful or in a smoky black. The wing can be done in a simple thick or a smudged shadow wing, pick your choice! Always make sure that you make sure your wing is decent without looking scary.
2. Coloured Eyeliner

Coloured Eyeliner

Coloured eyeliners are refreshing to the eye. And with the number of colours and matte and gel finishes available, the look progresses accordingly. You could draw in a single line on your top or lower lid, that will make your eyes pop instantly. You could also play in variation with a double line. Emeralds, navy blues, coppers, silver and golds are our also favourites!
3. Boxy Eyeliner

Boxy Eyeliner

This is a new edgy style that many of us would usually not resort to, but is definitely worth a try. Simply draw a rectangle at the corner of your eyelids and leave the base neutral in nude. Experimenting with shapes is trending, globally.
4. Open Wings Eyeliner

Open Winged Eyeliner

This one is a bit tricky in the start to get a hold of and involves the helping hand of an eyeshadow. Draw an extended top line of your upper lids and take it a little further to the inner rim of your eyes. The same has to be done to the bottom line, except a little lower than the lash line. Perfect for a masquerade.
5. Double lines Eyeliner

Double Eyeliner

Simply create your winged effect with a 2D aspect instead of a boring single line. You could also use two different colours to fill, adding more excitement to the palette.
We hope you like these different styles of eyeliner, do share your pictures when you try these eyeliner styles at home. Stay tuned for more tips on fashion and makeup.
By: Fleur De Mello
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