Lose Weight, Not Your Mind

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By: Roshni Raj

One of the biggest issues women are known to have is regarding their weight; excessive weight, weight problems, anorexia and many more than we can possibly imagine. But hey, this Women’s Day, we bring you three basic inevitably possible steps to set these goals and implement them in just a matter of bringing them to the forefront of your mind until they become habits. Over time, they’ll become second nature””and your weight loss will be second to none!

Lose Weight Not Your Mind

1. Enjoy every bite. How about taking time to enjoy every meal and snack you eat? Focusing on every bite can help you practice mindful eating, which has been proven to cut down on calorie intake. The ability to recognize your hunger and satiety to give yourself a chance to realize that you have had enough””then stop before you clean your plate and later regret it. Eating at a relaxed pace also means you’ll chew your food more thoroughly which reduces digestive issues as well. This may take some practice. The hustle and bustle of daily life often catches up with us and sometimes it takes a conscious effort to take it easy and give your brain a chance to enjoy the food and tell you when you’re full.

ACTION TIP: Time yourself. Figure the time you take to eat a meal and make sure the goal is set to spend atleast 20 minutes on each next time.

2. Use smaller plates, cups and bowls. Research has shown that when people use large bowls, plates and serving utensils, they serve themselves more and consume more food. Your mother was right about some things; your eyes really can be bigger than your stomach. Even though the super-sized plates may look sleek, put those away for special occasions. When you see a large canvas, you want to fill it!

ACTION TIP: Eat from smaller salad plates and small bowls for daily use. Without even realizing it, you’ll will be dwarf portioning your meals.

3. Pre-portion your foods. All of us end up munching stright from that plastic wrap of chips. How many times do we actually make an effort to track our food or even remotely measure it? This is probably one reason why we shouldn’t eat directly from a box or a bag that contains multiple servings. Pull out those measuring cups and keep an eye on your calories; Because it’s easy to overeat when you’re reaching into a bottomless bag of food.

ACTION TIP: Instead of reaching into the chip bag or a big bowl of chips at a party, pre portion it into something smaller. Trust the experts, you are much likely to enjoy the smaller portion more.

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