Bungalow 9: For A Quaint Dinner

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By: Esther C

Are you tired scouting Mumbai for a restaurant that lets you enjoy a conversation or perhaps read a book? Besides a few cafes, this is a luxury in this city. Though dimly lit, Bungalow 9 may not be the best place to indulge in some reading (unless you want to strain your eyes), but it is a place you can hangout with friends or colleagues after a hectic day at work.

With beautiful wooden motifs and Italian music in the background, the ambience lets you blend with the restaurant’s ethos. You could choose to sit indoors, or outdoors (like what we did), but either ways, it is great! The huge grandfather’s clock is a sure reminisces of the days of yore.

When it comes to food, the options are limited but the table host knows exactly what they are serving. So he’d describe the food item, preparation time and the degree of spiciness. Well, for the spiciness part, you better listen to him!

As the Steamed Dim Sum with mixed vegetables and lemongrass arrived, the aroma itself was evidence of what the dish holds. However, we were a tad disappointed as it fell short on flavour. But the cocktail and mocktail made up for it.

Take Me Home (love the name!) is a blend of vodka, gin, tequila, white rum, triple sec and absinthe topped with cranberry juice. Looks like a lot of alcohol, but don’t be fooled. This concoction has the taste and gives you the much-needed buzz too. What makes it my favourite is that the alcohol is not overpowering, so you don’t cringe while sipping your drink. I’d like to call it alcohol in disguise’. The Baby Mocktail was very basic ““ a strawberry smoothie.

For the main course, I suggest the Lamb Peri Peri Grilled Rice Noodle Cake if you love spice. A spicy preparation of boneless lamb with African hot chillies wilted pok choy. The vermicelli noodles, lamb and spices makes this dish delectable. And the presentation is amazing. You actually don’t feel like lodging your fork onto it, fearing that you would disfigure it. However, one complaint is that the lamb is not well done throughout.

If you find their menu insufficient especially for vegetarian options, then make your own pasta is your deal. We chose basil pesto, penne, mushrooms, American corn and broccoli in white sauce. Not extraordinary but yes, a great option for our green folks.

And the icing to this dinner was the Blueberry and White Chocolate Crème Brulee. It is an eggless dessert that ends your evening on a sweet’ note.

The overall service is pretty good and the bread on the table manages to calm your hunger between meals. While, many restaurants crop up, Bungalow 9 is here to stay. Thumbs up from FMW!

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