New beginnings for Café Mangii

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Take this as your friendly neighbourhood café with burgers and pizzas, booth-style seating and delicious alcohol, but Café Mangii now has more to offer. Here are the FMW Picks!

Cajun Chicken

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The paprika spiked, tossed in olive oil best describes the café’s Cajun Chicken. The light flavours are complemented with guacamole and sour cream dips. This is definitely a winner.

Gorged Mushrooms

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Herbed cream and cheese and parmesan stuffed mushrooms with smudged barbeque sauce. These are served with ketchup.


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Creamy tomato ragout with crispy veggies. The tanginess of the tomato sauce and the crispiness of the veggies make for the perfect combination.


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The Jalapeno spice is incredible.

In case you want to try Café Mangii after our recommendations, then this is the best time. The cafe announces Wine and Dine, an exclusive 10-course meal that has 10 glorious wines created by Chef Nikhil Agarwal. The new menu is an absolute treat; sample this: The Amuse Bouche with the exotic Casablanca Brut Sparkling NV; soups with the perfect Soma Sauvignon Blanc Gold 2014; salads with refreshing Reveilo Grillo 2015; desserts with the lipsmacking Sula Late Harvest 2016, etc. The pairings bring out the very best in both, the food and the wine, for a refreshing gourmet experience.

Don’t forget, you heard it first here!

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Story by: Esther Cabral | Photography by: Sushant Sawant

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