Dining At Bistro Grill

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By: Mark Lionel John

What is the fundamental purpose of food? It is to fill one’s belly and ensure that life goes on. But as we do that thing, we do’ to continue our existence, it is possible to have a good time. Chefs across the world try to mix and match spices, meats, vegetables and other ingredients to ultimately conjure a portion that leaves us helplessly in love with their work. However, things always do not go as planned, but that’s just because of a combination of bad luck and lack of skill, I guess.

The chefs at Bistro Grill, Juhu, did their best to tingle our taste buds. And I can say that, yes in some cases there were successful. The menu they served was structured in the following way.


My choice of a Prawn Bisque had high expectations based on the waiter’s description. However, all those expectations were dashed on its arrival. Another clear soup, Lemon Grass and Coriander Broth, was heavy on flavour but low on appeal.


Among the lot, I opted for the Charcoal Coriander Chicken Salad. And wow! What a dish. It contained the standard charcoal kebab tossed in with a heap of fresh green lettuce and a bit of pepper. The colourless dressing was the man of the match, presenting us with a gentle sweet play at first and finishing with a hint of bitterness. A beautiful union of flavours.

Munchies (as they called it)

The Bassa fish with herbed mayonnaise was cooked perfect. The structure of the meat was soft but yet survived my hungry fork. So this is a fish that holds itself together until it in your mouth.

Main Course

Opting for the Penne with Broccoli and Olives cooked in a cheesy tomato sauce was not an adventurous choice. And right enough the dish was as anyone would have imagined it to be. Quite cheesy and heavy as we draw to the end.

Bistro Grill, the candle light dinner ambiance combined with comfortable seating encourages one to sit, talk, smile and have a good time, a place that deserves one visit.

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