Jam Jar Diner Is The Place To Be In

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By: Roshni Raj

Versova’s fancy new pub is all set to become a fun hangout. The flawlessly appealing decor is nothing but the mere existence of elements to seethe and please everyone. Phantom cigarette flicks, scrabble, book shelves and Nataraj pencils on each table. The tiny blue bungalow has additional surprises like a juke box, mixed print crockery, a sunny-tiled terrace and free Wi Fi.

Jam Jar Diner
Jam Jar Diner

Open all day, this eatery serves breakfast too. The food menu is double the size of the drinks’ list. Every drink comes in a jar, and a bonus choice for a kick’. We tried the Mojito with a kick which was actually the Tabasco working its wonders. The staff recommended the Long Island Ice Tea in which Jägermeister replaces the rum. It is apparently their best-selling cocktail so far. This is arguably the most potent mix on this planet. Tasted a bit like the cough syrups we are forced to gulp down as children.

Jam Jar
Jam Jar

Moving on, we ordered the batter-fried chicken popcorn served with tart tamarind tingy chipotle sauce. They were absolutely finger-licking. The juicy luci burger went really well with cheese and gherkins, while the beef quesadilla that the waiter called awesome’, was just a little less cheesier but sheathed in perfectly crisp flatbread. They suggested the barbeque chicken burger as well, but we were contemplating about a pizza by then. And the pizza won. The ham and bacon pizza was to die for. Didn’t look as appealing as we expected it to but a bite into it and we didn’t have anything to complain about.

We happened to stumble on some interesting delicacies in the breakfast menu. Pondered over Mr Benedict ““ a hearty chunk of jalapeno cheddar waffles under a thin layer of smoked bacon and poached bacon. Aye Aye Captain!

If you’re still hungry after all this, you should try the citrus ricotta pancakes. Delicious, we thought, especially when you hear available in velvet ones too. It is amusing how this truckload of food still left us with space for desserts. There are two things that we wouldn’t want you to miss out. Orange ice cream sandwich crushed between mouth-watering peanut butter cookies and the apple crumble pie with a tag along guava flavour.  With the almost seaside view and warm hearts surrounded, we are definitely coming back to JamJar.

Address: Shop No 7 A & B, Aaram Nagar 2, Versova, Andheri West
Contact: 26358880, 26368880

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