Nom Nom-ing our way with dim sums

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Interesting trivia. Did you know the difference between momos and dim sums? Well, they are practically the same dish served in different parts of the world. So while dim sum is a Chinese dish of small steamed or fried savory dumplings containing various fillings, served as a snack or main course; momos is the Tibetian name for it. We stumbled upon this trivia while savouring a variety of dimsums at Nom Nom at their  Dim Sum Festival last week.


In the Vegetarian
Exotic oriental veg medley
Edamame& silken tofu
Asian spinach & cottage cheese
South East Asian five type mushroom bite

Thai spiced chicken
Mild spiced Chicken sumai
Juicy prawn & burnt garlic
Vietnamese spicy seafood
Oriental-spiced lamb & cheese

Relish these with home dips and sauces such as Burnt chilly tomato, Spicy sriracha sauce, Spring onion & black pepper, Sesame tomato sauce, Sweet chilly lemon dressing, and Chilly bean sauce.


Now it would be a crime to visit Nom Nom and not try out their sushi. So while we were gorging on the dim sums, we tried their specialty sushi and bacon wrapped prawns. We lucked out on the crab roll and salmon & cheese variants of sushi.

Chef Shivam got us to see how to prepare the sushi. He suggests we exert a lot of pressure on the mat to mould the sushi well.Tip: Mix the wasabi, soy sauce and dip the sushi to offset pungent flavours.

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By: Esther Cabral

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