Steaks, Steaks And Some More Steaks

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By: Mark John

Set in a cozy air-conditioned atmosphere with a wild-west theme, it is Bangalore’s oldest  saloon & steak house Millers 46.   On offer are the finest steaks, sizzlers, pastas, salads and bakes. . This is a place with super ambience that is designed to awaken your taste buds for its out-of-this-world steaks. The restaurant has a rustic appeal with waiters in a cow boy get ups that includes a holster for a pen and pad.

Millers 46
Millers 46

There are two floors on which meals are served. The first floor has a calm set up that looks good and homely. The second floor takes you to places. Furniture, lighting and general ambiance et al. The bar that is located across the room is definitely worth writing home about. It also has an ox skull hanging above comes with a standard issue ‘bartender double barrels’ to maintain the peace!


The smokiness of the restaurant, an attribute generated by the sizzlers, is a vital part of the ambience that also acts as an appetizer. Speaking of appetizers, I, as would any visitor, recommends the 46er chicken wings. The wings have a nice spicy tinge that culminates with a hint of sweetness. The perfect accompaniment for your chilled beer.

46er Chicken Wings
46er Chicken Wings

The food here is prepared exactly as it is described on the menu. What you read is what you get, nothing more and nothing less. The presentation is just appealing and I may confidently say, Millers 46 is where you get mind-blowing food. Anything you pick of the menu is good, however, we recommend.

Oriental spare ribs: The meat just melts in your mouth. The pork is perfectly cooked and each bite is an explosion of flavours. And the meat, literally, falls off the bones. This may be one of the few rib dishes that can be eaten without breaking a sweat.

Oriental spare ribs:
Oriental Spare Ribs

Garlic and pepper steak: It is a typical pepper steak lover’s delight. The black pepper sauce is beautifully prepared and really goes well with the meat. The meat by itself contains garlic cloves and pepper corns. The steak takes care of your tummy very well!

Garlic and Pepper Steak
Garlic and Pepper Steak

Smothered steak: Lovers of the pepper sauce who are tired of having pepper sauce may try this dish. The black mushroom sauce adds to the solid taste of the beef under it. A lovely union of onions, capsicum, mushrooms and beef comes alive on the plate.

The staff at Miller 46 are constantly on their feet to make you feel special. Even the slightest of complaints are take care of immediately. At all my visits to this place, I have never been served anything that I was displeased with. With the scrumptious and filling portions, Miller 46 is a place that just cannot disappoint you!

Where: 46 Miller Road, Vasanthnagar, near Jain Hospital, Bangalore

Contact: 41148022, 41131746, 41131740

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