Top 5 Italian Food Restaurants in Mumbai

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Italian dish is and age old cuisine and has a huge influence of Roman and ancient Greek culture. Over the period the cuisine has undergone a lot of changes and now potato, tomato, maize and bell peppers are the central ingredients of the cuisine.


The Italian people concentrates more on the quality of the food rather than including lot of ingredients in it. Cheese is one main ingredient that actually differentiates Italian cuisine with any other cuisine in the world. Espresso coffee and Pizza are two main gifts of Italian cuisine, given to rest of the world. Five places in Mumbai, wherein one can hog Italian dishes are mentioned below.


This is a club, constructed in an area of 6000 square feet, with lively music and exotic food. Cocktail sausages, Linguine Chicken, Peri Peri Pork Ribs and Chicken Wings are a few highly recommended dishes at the place. A typical lunch or dinner will cost around Rs 3500 for two but the money is totally worth spending in. The place promises a young environment and is among the favorite list of the youngsters.


Delicatessen means the place selling fine and cheese food and the name is correctly put. One can find the restaurant chain in 5 places in Mumbai and all have that consistent and best taste in the town. The customer reviews shows that they like this chain a lot and have given a perfect five for the quality of the food. One can get hard drinks as well and a typical bill for two would be around Rs 3000.


As the name itself suggests, the specialty of the place is typical Italian pizza. The consistent taste at the place gives a delight to the customers and makes them a loyal brand ambassador. One highly recommended dish is meat special and it can be had at home also as the restaurant provides home delivery services. The attendant of place has good knowledge about the menu in here and they give apt suggestion as per your choice of taste.


PizzaExpress is present in 4 locations in Mumbai and has a vibrant and cheesy feel in all its outlets. The difference between this place and the known international pizza chains is that the place has a unique menu on the board. The make and ingredients used are totally different from that used in traditional pizzas. The signature dish of the place, dough balls, reminds you of the typical Italian food served in Italian Restaurants. The place is open from morning 11 till night 11 and for a meal of two one will have to shell out an amount of Rs 2000.


To have perfect and cheesy Mozzarella garlic bread a highly recommended place is Woodside Inn. With every bite taken in at this place gives a feeling of loosening out all tensions in life. The hotel is constructed in a 120 year old mansion giving an old charm to the whole architectural structure. An average spending will come to around Rs 2000 for two people and it serves its customers from morning 10 till midnight 1. The place is a pub cum restaurant and one can get chilled bear that goes well with the Italian food at the place.

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