Celebrity Hairstylist Asgar Boo Chats With FMW

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By: Roshni Raj

Asgar Boo
Asgar Boo

From bad hair days to feeling like a rockstar, pulling off the bangs like a diva and working that centre parting with ease, he styled and tipped one of the biggest names and the most gorgeous faces worldwide. Remarkable hairstylist Asgar Boo has worked his magic on global stars such as Cindy Crawford, Twiggy and one of India’s most beautiful women Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Asgar is based at the Daniel Galvin salon in Mayfair, London.

As well as having styled top models for the front covers of high-end fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, Asgar’s work has also graced the fashion and style sections of international newspapers such as The Observer, The Times, The Independent and The Daily Mail. With lots of fancy names and titles in his bag, we caught one of the most delightful opportunities to get a little insight of his working wonders.

1. What is your quick fix tip for a bad hair day? Does it erupt out of laziness?
A sleek bun is a quick and easy fix for most horrifying hair days. Also a side braid is super easy to create as well. It’s not from laziness, it’s when I am pressed for time and don’t have the time to style the hair. For example when I’m on fashion shoots and catwalks.

2. Everybody seems to be talking about pixies and bobs being in this year, which do you think is the best cropped look till now?
It has to be Rihanna with her super short crop hairdo, it’s drastically different. I love the way she experiments with her hair from blonde to black and red and experiments with curly bob, sleek hair, and straight hair. Her crop look is amazing.


3. What is your most vital tip that everybody should vow to maintain this season?
My good hair rules include the following: Choose a style that suits your face shape, as a style that complements your face will leave you looking great. Remember to have your hair cut regularly, roughly once every two months, to ensure hair is kept in its best condition. Hairstylists are there to advice, so don’t be shy to ask for their opinion if you are fancying something more adventurous than your usual look.

Asgar Boo
Asgar Boo

4. Bangs and fringes seem way too common now. Any ideas on how to style them and yet stand out?
How you style depends on the occasion, your hair type and the length of your fringe. Once your fringe is cut, you can style it in a number of ways depending on your preference; you can use such styling tools as round brush, flat irons or curling irons to help change the look of your fringe.

5. India being susceptible to humidity, what do you suggest is the best maintainable hairstyle that Indian women can probably use?
Humidity has a very visible and unwanted affect on a person’s hair, it makes hair unruly, frizzy and puffy and causes it to lose shine, fluidness and sleekness, no matter what hairstyle you have, humidity can create havoc on your hairstyle at times. I would say keep your hair style simple to avoid the effects of humidity. Also, tools such as hair straighteners and de-frizz products can help to calm your hair.

6. Spikes have come and gone and men still seem to be sporting them. What would you recommend for a viable change?
What hair cut or style a man should have depends on many factors such as age, style and clothing to name a few. It is amazing how different hairstyles can affect your facial shape although you don’t have to follow the latest hair trends.

7. Will we see you styling more Indian celebrities anytime soon?

Hopefully I will be. I am always looking for new challenges and new styles to create different looks on celebrities.

8. We would love to know who according to you, has maintained to keep to the style quotient with commendable hairstyles in the year 2012?
In my opinion Halle Berry has definitely mastered the art of the short pixie hairstyle. She keeps the pixie cut fresh and modern; it’s one of my favourite looks.

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