Style Talk With Designer Siddharth Tylter

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Siddharth Tytler
Siddharth Tytler

If the black dress Shraddha Kapoor wore on the premiere of Aashiqui 2 caught your fancy, then you have us on board too. The  beautifully embellished dress intrigued us so much that we decided to catch up with the man behind the work. Designer Siddharth Tytler launched his own label sometime in 2006. Since then, he has come a long way. Celebrities like Sonali Bendre, Sophie Choudhary, Amrita Puri and Neha Kapur have donned his outfits at several events. FMW in conversation with industries most wanted Designer Siddharth Tylter.

Shraddha Kapoor In Siddharth Tytler Black Sequin Dress
Shraddha Kapoor In Siddharth Tytler
Black Sequin Dress

Q: What is fashion to you?

Siddharth: For me, fashion is a way of life. I believe it’s an expression of fun, a fantasy!

Q: Where do you draw your design inspiration from?

Siddharth: My designs reflect my state of mind and mood. For instance, my recent collection was inspired by dark, melancholic mood because that was the phase I was in. But I am back in my happy space, so well, you can expect some bright, colourful creations.

Q: What’s your favourite S/S ’13 trend?

Siddharth: All kinds of pastel shades and floral prints. I am not a big fan of the neon trend.

Q: Where do you think is India positioned today as far as the global fashion scene is concerned?

Siddharth: There are Indian designers like Manish Arora, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Prabal Gurung, among others who are established names internationally. Other designers are getting there. I think, nobody knows embroidery like Indians do, and that’s our strength and will always be. We as Indian designers are moving in the right direction and will do very well in future.

Q: Even though Indian designers have begun to make a name for themselves on the global front, the attitude of Europeans is somewhat condescending. What would you say about that?

Siddharth: I don’t really care about the attitude they may have towards us. Europeans have been in the business of fashion for ages now. This is what they are good at, while we as a whole industry are moving at our own pace, we’re getting there.

Q: Speaking of which, what are your favourite European brands?

Siddharth: I love Dolce& Gabbana. And Prada as well!

Q: So former Miss India and model Neha Kapur has been your muse for quite some time now. What do you think is the reason behind it?

Siddharth: Neha and I started our respective careers almost together. In fact, when Neha walked for her first show, that was a first for me too. Basically, we’ve seen practically seen each other grow as a working professional. She is and will always be my muse. She is not only the muse, but a great friend as well. In fact, we are planning to start our own label together too.

Neha Kapur with Kunal Nayyar, in one of Tytler's creations at the People's Choice Awards'13
Neha Kapur with Kunal Nayyar, in one of Tytler’s creations at the People’s Choice Awards’13

Q: Name an Indian celebrity you would love to see dressed up in one of your outfits.

Siddharth: I would love to see Sridevi in one of my Indian outfits. Besides, Katrina Kaif, I think, by far is one of the prettiest girls in Bollywood. I would love to see her in one of my creations from the western wear range.

Q: Lately Shraddha Kapoor has been sporting a lot of garments from your recent collection. How do you think she looks in them?

Siddharth: I think she looks absolutely stunning. It’s a good feeling when you see someone wearing your own creation on one of the most special days of their life.

Shraddha Kapoor, in a yellow draped spandex tytler dress
Shraddha Kapoor, in a yellow draped spandex tytler dress

Q: We saw a lot of drapes and embellishments in your latest collection. Is there a pattern we’re seeing?

Siddharth: I didn’t really study draping at the time when I was studying fashion. This is the first time I have incorporated them in my collection and I like the results. Yes, you’ll be seeing them a lot in my upcoming collections too.

Q: What should a lady do in order to look her stylish best?

Siddharth: I think any confident woman is capable of looking very stylish and sexy. My clothes are made for women who have a ‘don’t mess with me’ kind of attitude.

Q: Where do you see your label in the next five years?

Siddharth: There are a lot of plans. I am looking forward to taking business forward in the international market. In fact, we are already doing some business in Panama. You might also see me doing a couple of fashion shows abroad too.

By: Isha Gupta

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