6 Halloween Costume Ideas for 2022

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Halloween is just around the corner. And as a Halloweener at heart, it’s time to prep up for the most happening party in town. Halloween allows you to be unapologetically eccentric. You could look wacky, bizarre, or even outlandish. And guess what? Nobody will even give you a look of disgust. In fact, everyone’s going to praise your creativity.

However, with erratic lifestyles, pre-planning our Halloween looks can be difficult. And some cool Halloween costume ideas could be a ‘time saver’, right? That’s exactly why Fashion Most Wanted is here to your rescue.

How to Dress for Halloween?

Check out some offbeat Halloween costume ideas you must try in 2022:

LED Light-Up Mask

Let us start with simple Halloween costumes. To pull this look off, all you need is a pair of black track pants, black hoodie, and an LED Light Up Mask for Halloween. Most of us will already have a hoodie and a pair of pants. All you need to do is buy the LED Light Up Mask online. This mask has 3 modes, constant light, slow flashing, and fast flashing to spook your friends away. You can buy this outfit here on Amazon India.

Money Heist Jumpsuit and Mask

Calling out all the Money Heist fans! Since you are done watching the show, why not flaunt the Tokyo, Denver, Berlin, Rio, or Nairobi in you? In fact, if you have a group of 5-6 friends, buy this jumpsuit for all and enter the Halloween party as the Professor’s heist team.

Money Heist Mask

Dracula Costume

Dracula cape is one of the most cool Halloween costumes. Since arranging this costume is the easiest, anyone can dress up as this blood-thirsty character. Why is this look the best of all? You can never go wrong with it. We all know how Dracula looks, right? Pale skin, white teeth, blood stains around the lips, and a red/black cape with a high collar. Anyone can wear this look with great panache. You can buy outfit here on Amazon India.

Stree From the Movie Stree

Stree was lauded and applauded for blending comedy and horror through an eccentric spirit. This movie managed to be both funny and scary at the same time. Moreover, we all loved Shraddha Kapoor as Stree in the film, didn’t we? So, why not dress up like this sweet-looking chudail for Halloween 2022. All you need is a simple ghagra choli and a few accessories like earrings, a nose ring, and a black bindi. Keep your hair open or braid it as per your discretion.

Akatsuki Cloak

Anime fans often feel left out during this holiday because not many try to recreate a look from the anime verse. However, the question is, why? Especially when you dreadly and fearsome organisations like the Akatsuki here. From Itachi, Sasori, to Six Paths of Pain, you could be anyone this Halloween. All you need is an Akatsuki cloak, necklace, and a headband. However, do not forget to put on an intimidating look on your face. You can buy outfit here.

Chhote Pandit From Bhool Bhulaiyaa

Natwar, also known as Chhote Pandit is one of the funniest characters in Bhool Bhulaiyaa. And Rajpal Yadav makes him an unforgettable part of this film. With red paint all over the body, orange lungi, and a marigold flower mala, this is one of the most hatke halloween outfit ideas. For a change, you can choose to look spooked instead of spooky.

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