Are You Ready To #GetEnchanted !!!

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Enchanted Valley Carnival is about to commence, the music will start to play and the entire township will become a different kind of heaven altogether. Without women, will your haven and heaven ever be complete? As the first day will begin its course, some of the best female artists will take the main stage by storm.

Here’s a first glimpse of what the Festival Arena, Aamby Valley City looks like! The first time ever a festival in India will take place on an airstrip! Yes you heard that right! THIS is where the #EVC13 magic will unfold.


1)      Miss Melera:

Miss Melera
Miss Melera

The carnival will begin with Miss Melera’s performance as she is all set to get the groove back in town. This Haarlem-based artist has been honing her musical skills since the past 10 years. As it is said, practice makes man perfect. She has played in places like Miami, Tokyo as well as Berlin-a globe trotter she is! Miss Melera is a stunner and has a monthly radio show on soundcloud called Colourizon. An artist one must not miss out on so make sure you reach on time!

Genre: House | When: 2:00pm to 3:30pm

2)      DJ Rae:

DJ Rae
DJ Rae

She is not only a DJ but also a singer, song writer and producer. Her performances are action packed and lively. Her vocals are seamless and when she gets on stage the audiences aren’t audiences-they start interacting, participating. Such is her charm. Her recent remake of Kosheens classic ‘Hide u” has generated a lot of positive reviews. Catch her live as she comes down to Aamby Valley, at EVC only.

Genre: Genre: House, Tech House, Progressive, Acoustic, Dance| When: 3:30pm to 5:00pm

3)      Sophie Sugar:

Sophie Sugar
Sophie Sugar

‘The First Lady of Trance’ – Armin Van Buuren, 2009
‘The UK’s Foremost Female Trance Producer’ – DJ Mag 2009

Sophia Sugar is a renowned international artist specialising in Trance. A music lover, she has been playing the piano since 8 years and started collecting record at the age of 6. She has played all over the globe-Canada, Morocco, Abu Dhabi, China, Europe. A very pretty lady, she is said to be one of the most attractive artists in the trance sphere.

Genre: Trance | When: 5:00pm to 6:30pm

4)      Claudia Cazacu:


She is one of the most promising new DJs in the global scene. She has her own label “COUTURE”, produces a monthly radio show “Haute Couture”. She has been recently signed by big names in the industry like Armada and Spinnin records. FMW is looking forward to her performance as she also will be playing during the after party.

Genre: Electronica / Tech, Trance | When: 6:30pm to 8:00pm and 1:30am to 3:30am

With so many gorgeous women playing the tunes tomorrow, who can miss out on the performances? FMW simply can’t! xx

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