Bottoms Up!!!

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Beer drinkers don’t have cocktails they say, its time we put them to shame. Here’s FMW’s list of the top three beer cocktails to surprise your guests and taste buds with…


 – Lemony Corona

Ingredients: 1 bottle Corona 1 oz Bacardi Limon

Pop open the Corona bottle. Fill the empty space in the neck in the bottle with the rum, filling up the bottle right till the top.  Plug the bottle with your thumb turn it upside down and mix the contents. Once the contents inside have gone fizzy, turn the bottle right side-up and drink away! Simple and sweet.

-Yellow Submarine

Ingredients: 1 bottle Corona/ Sol 1 shot Tequila

Fill a Shot with the Tequila and place the shot upside down inside the Beer Mug, this can be pretty tricky to master at once! Then gradually fill the mug with Beer. Lace your mug with beer and go Chug, chug chug!

– Carbomb

Ingredients: 13-14 oz Guinness stout 1 oz Bailey’s Irish cream 1 oz Whiskey (Jameson’s)

Combine the Bailey’s and Whiskey in a shot glass. Drop shot glass into beer and before things start to flow out, guzzle up!

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