Camping At Enchanted Valley Carnival

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Enchanted Valley Carnival, the premier camping music carnival in India by Twisted Entertainment Pvt Ltd had people coming from different parts of India-much to our surprise. The festival arena was always filled with enthusiastic folks grooving to the tunes of various artists across the globe.

Enchanted Valley Carnival
Enchanted Valley Carnival
This is Martin Garrix and one half of the Bass Jackers FYI.
This is Martin Garrix and one half of the Bass Jackers FYI.

For those who came only for music and didn’t book a camping place, the party ended when the music stopped. For those who camped, it was a never-ending 3 day cycle of fun and merriment. FMW suggests don’t miss out on the camping experience next year and we’ll give you 5 reasons for the same:



1) Excellent quality tents:


Camping site, organised by White Collar Hippie had the best of amenities. The Quechua tents were extremely comfortable with a double door feature. They were nice, warm and clean. They provided cosy, quilted sleeping bags in which one could just surrender as the nights were freezing cold. A dustbin was placed outside each tent. A lamp, torch as well as a lock was given to all. There were classic tents, club tents depending on the number of people sharing it. All-in-all, a very comfortable experience-it felt like a home away from home.

2) Sanitary Facilities:

When you think of camping, you think of dry toilets which subdue your adventurous mood almost naturally. However, Enchanted Village had proper toilets as well as showers. One could take a shower and get fresh for the next day full of dancing and hippie-ing. Water was always available; toilet paper was there in each washroom. The house keeping staff, maintained the cleanliness even though there were more than 150 tents there itself.

3) Camp fire:

As the sun would set for slumber and night rose in its darkness-the bonfires that would be lit every night would bring back the warmth not just in our cold feet but also in our hearts. FMW had the best time by the bonfires as people would gather around, sing songs, play guitar, share a cigarette. Suddenly, a feeling of being away from your city would get taken over by a feeling of togetherness as boundaries faded and people from across India became friends over a chilly night and warm campfire.

4) Hot-and-cold weather:

Leisure Zone at the Camping Area (2)

The camp seemed like a perfect place to get a healthy tan, without sweating or causing acne. Before sunset the weather is hot, the sun is always shining bright. But having said that, it’s the kind of sunny weather when you would just feel like putting your shades on and lying on the dewy grass, soaking yourself in all the Vitamin D you can absorb. After sunset, it would be a different story altogether. The nights would get chilly and summer clothes would get replaced by the warmer options. The weather was the best of both worlds-the best kind of hotness, the best kind of cold.

5) Food and alcohol:

A new generation of camping experiences, this one was an amalgamation of nature, tents as well as all the facilities. You need to rely on Maggie while on a camping expedition. They had food stalls that offered a wide array of choices like biryani, wraps, chhole bhature, burgers, Chinese rice and noodles, momos and much more. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages were sold too. If you just need a little bit of munching for the night, they had bags of chips for the same. If you wish to have biscuits with your morning or evening tea-voila, they had biscuits too!

The 3 musical days were good to let your hair down and let the melody take over your soul. However, it was not only about the music! FMW met some amazing people from all over the country, felt cosy in the warm tents, indulged in some delicious food and cocktails as well as got a free sun kissed tan.

See you next year, EVC!

Let us know if you were at the camp site too! It will be fun to exchange notes, won’t it? xx

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