Celio Launched At DLF Promenade

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Celio, the french fashion wear brand launched it’s first ever concept store in the country at DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. The three prominent features of the store are it’s fixtures, colour combination and technology.

Celio Store launch Delhi Promenade Mall
Celio Store launch Delhi Promenade Mall

The fixtures of the store are characterised by clothes arranged in and up and straight manner and according to their colours.  The interiors and the exteriors of the store exhibit a inclination towards the white colour, with a hit of red in between.

Celio Store launch Delhi Promenade Mall2

Celio Store launch Delhi Promenade Mall3

Celio Store launch Delhi Promenade Mall4

In the words of Mr. Sujay Dixit, the marketing head of Celio India,” White stands for class ad sophistication, and that’s what Celio stands for”. Celio works primarily on three kids of styles, namely,the classic, the free ad the twist. Classic, as the name suggests refers to plain yet stylish shirts and trousers. Free stands for something more chic and comfortable like the sweatshirts ad polo tshirts, while twist stands for, class with an oommphh factor. It is a good amalgamation of sophistication and a bit of quirkiness. Twist comprises of black trousers with a small red button or plain light blue shirt with a dark blue elbow patch, something that adds a little spice to the basics, without snatching away its class.

Mr Sujay Dixit said that he was very excited to see the response of the customers to the new concept store and hopes that it would continue to attract more and more crowd.

We wish him all the best…

By: Nishtha Sood

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