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Most men my age get asked if they are single or planning on settling down. In my case, it’s usually Do you wake up looking like that?’ or How much do you spend on your clothes?’ While I could pen a book on what one should or shouldn’t ask a fashion blogger, I am quick to brush off questions like these with the most picturesque smile.

I would be lying if I said it is easy to be in my shoes. It may not be as difficult as it is for a celebrity, but knowing that you’re always going to be clicked, constantly being judged in the public eye, it is essential for me to always stay at the top of my game.

The fashion industry is an ever evolving one and in order to be considered half as important, one has to hone their skill, strengthen their network and create a style that becomes your niche.

I’m often quizzed about my strategy and my sole response is the mantra I live by ““ iCreate by Personalization. As a fashion blogger, I owe it to the industry to innovate with what I wear, create a furor with the accessories I choose and set a precedent for new age fashion.

My personal style could be defined in three words ““ classy, sassy and comfortable. However, without limiting myself, the only way to step out looking like I was out there to sieze the world, is by personalizing my garb.

Leather Jacket: Indie Culture | Eyewear: Rayban |T-Shirt: John Player |Distressed  Jeans: Max Fashion | Watch: Diesel | Socks: Happy Socks | Footwear: Adidas Original

A leather jacket should be a wardrobe essential. However, with the black being ever so common, I break the norm with the tan. Pair this with a deep blue denim and you have a look that could be your airport style or bar night ensemble. But if you like me love being prepared for unscheduled meetings, a solid color shirt should be your bet. Tie this up with a quirky pair of shoes to add a little funk and let your persona do the talking.


What would make it even better is having your own customized ride! Luckily for us, Maruti Suzuki with their latest offering Vitara Brezza provide for a unique personalized experience.


Opt for body graphics that match your choice of jackets, car accessories that tell of your taste in high tech car technology and interiors that show you care about what’s on the inside more than just the façade.

 iCreate my style and now I even let my car do the talking for me.

In Marissa Mayer’s words “To me the future is personalization”

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Story by: Jeremy Cabral | Photography by: Sushant Sawant

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