Quick Fixes for Rented Homes

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Have a rented apartment? Too many landlord restrictions? Ah, that’s the plight of many living in rented spaces. But that shouldn’t be stopping you from decorating your home because, after all, that’s where you are going to living for a year or more. That’s when we started researching online and chanced upon some amazing ideas presented by BeautifulHomes.com

We used some of the ideas for our home, and got some great results! Here, take a look at what changes we’ve made.

Playing with your lighting: 


For lighting, quirky pieces always work. What we did was ordered some quirky spotlights online, and placed them strategically. The key here is to use floor-standing lighting fixtures; this avoids the trouble of drilling holes on walls or the ceiling. Another advantage of adopting soft lighting is that it does wonders when taking pictures.

Commit to quality soft furnishings:


We found this as the easiest and cost-effective way to up the glam quotient of our home. With soft furnishing, you can experiment with colours, prints, and fabrics. We opted for eclectic cushions and drapes for the windows, in keeping with the theme of our home décor.

Display your Art


Ok, we admit, this was the most tricky suggestion to consider as celebrated artwork would take away from the relaxed ambience we’ve tried to maintain in the home. That’s when we resorted to abstract and kitschy artwork.

Invest in, and create your favourite corner in your rental


Everyone has a corner at home that allows them to unwind. Sheldon has his spot’, and I have my window, where I love sitting with a cup of green tea and a novel. Sadly, this was also the most ignored space at home. Therefore, I decided to use some comfortable cushions, reading light and sheer drapes. Now this ambience, just makes my spot even cosier.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s redecorate!

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Story by: Esther Cabral

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