10 Accessories for the Most Wanted Man


There are important accessories you should never lack as a man. At times it can be quite difficult to get it right with style and fashion. Nowadays, many men make evitable mistakes as they try to own the most basic fashion accessories. As a gentleman, your wardrobe should always reflect the kind of man you are. In fact, a man’s style is determined by his choice of accessories.


Accessories will make a dull and simple outfit look more stylish. When you add more classy accessories to your attire, the more respectable you look. People get attracted to a man with a decent belt and also an elegant watch. As for now, there are numerous accessories every man should have, but here are the most essentials items you need to have in your wardrobe.


A nice wallet defines who you are. It makes your not so empty pockets look great again. Over the years, there have emerged different types of wallets such as leather wallets. If you have a wallet, your identification documents will always be safe. In addition, it provides a good space for your money. In short, an eye-catching wallet improves your overall image and outlook.

A Bow Tie

Do you believe you are a dapper man? Your wardrobe should never lack a bow tie. The color and the type of a bow tie is mainly determined by the kind of outfit you chose. It’s good to avoid cheap and most importantly low-quality pre-tied bow ties when you are choosing a bow tie. But you should buy a self-tied bow tie. A pre-tied bow tie in my opinion will make your attire look cheap and crude.

10 Accessories for the Most Wanted Man

Money Clip

No matter what, this is a must-have item. You will need to purchase one soon if your wardrobe doesn’t have a money clip. It gives you the freedom to keep your pennies in a more organized way. In addition, you will create a good impression to friends as you travel.


Can you survive without a watch really? Arguably, this is the most common accessory.  Besides making you great, you will be attractive not only to your friends but also fellow workers. Also, it tends to be a clear sign of decency and focus. If you are wearing an admirable outfit, then it must be accompanied by a nice looking watch.



Every man’s wardrobe should have a nice socks. Some of us don’t know the real benefits of wearing socks. You must have some nice socks so that your wardrobe can look great. Remember to buy a variety of socks when you are purchasing them. They will always match with your outfits.


Messenger bag

There is no doubt that a bag is a true sign of elegance and beauty. If you don’t have a bag, what will you use to carry your valuable items? The wardrobe collection will look great and organized when you consider buying a messenger bag.



Not every man love scarf but I bet that great men love them. You might think that the scarf is for women but this is not true. Your wardrobe will look nice when you invest in a high-quality scarf. A reliable scarf will keep you warm during winter. In that situation, you can wear it with a casual jacket.


Do you have a nice belt? Do you know that a high-quality belt can improve the appearance and overall outlook? Most ladies judge men based on the kind of belt they wear. Purchase different colors so that each time you have different outfits, they will completely match.



Even up to date, many people believe that sunglasses only offers protection from harmful rays. They have unlimited benefits for men. Classic sunglasses will bring style and touch. Today, there are many types of sunglasses. This means that you can choose the best from a variety.


White Sneakers

White sneakers will make you look sharp regardless of your age and body type. Think about it again if you are scared of wearing white.



As far as fashion accessories are concerned, there are many options for men. Whatever you choose, keep it simple and make sure that it fits the situation.

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Story by: Jeremy Cabral | Pictures: @FMWdotcom

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