10 Timeless Wardrobe Essentials for the Most Wanted Man

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Styles shifts now and then. As time changes, the traits of a well-dressed man remain classic. Not every man is lucky to have essential pieces in his closet. Take a look at your mirror. Do you notice your jeans bagging at the knees? Are you wearing a sweater you got for Christmas from your mom eight years ago? Not very sure where to start? Even if you are not so good at shopping, these pieces represent the perfect building blocks of a well-organized masculine wardrobe. OK? Let’s check our list of the top 10 styles every man must have.

Crisp White Shirt

While some people call it Oxford, others know it as button up. Regardless of how you know it, you need to have one. It should be well tailored otherwise it will look over-sized. The best size will fit snugly at the neck. But remember it should not be very tight. Slightly lose white button-up allows you to move your arms and shoulders.


Plain Tees

A good number of men don’t own a decent selection of plain tees although they are very essential in every man’s wardrobe. Being a timeless classic, it lays all the foundations for even the most elaborate outfits. Obviously, they can come in any color.


Slim Fit Jeans

They are completely classic besides being timeless. Arguably, these jeans are one of the most versatile items you can own. They are easy to dress up and down. You will never fall of fashion if you match up with denim.


Linen Blazer

Throwing on a blazer is one of the easiest ways to dress up an outfit nowadays. To buy a new one, you don’t have to rob your local bank. All that you need to do is to choose a solid and subtle pattern. Besides being the most refined wear, it’s a casual piece that a classic man must have.


Denim Shirt

It boasts of a great history that traces through railroad engineer and rock stars. Over the years, it has emerged as one of the few pieces of clothing that are wearable year round. In a more subtle way, it breathes the unique personality of its wearer.


Slim Fit Chinos

Slim chinos is a good alternative for you if denim isn’t your preference. Pick the best color for you. Afterwards, they will transcend the realms of smart and casual wear. Moreover, you can keep things casual with a tee or even smarten the look with a shirt.


Sweat Shirt

For the last couple of years, sweat shirts have gained a lot of popularity. We have seen numerous high-end designers taking on the humble inspired essential. Actually, there has never been a better time picking one up. We recommend steering away from bold colors and also prints.


Chelsea Boots

Have you heard of the legendary Chelsea boots? Your wardrobe might be missing one of the most reliable footwear for men today. It has the ability to straddle both the casual and formal wardrobe. How can you look fantastic with this footwear? With a pair of black skinny jeans, it will be better.


A Black Suit

Every man needs at least one suit that is perfectly tailored. Modern suits are quite slim. Why should you stick to a black suit? The black suit has proved to be the best choice to get the most mileage. It can be worn in a number of ways whether you are attending a wedding or funeral.


White Sneakers

If there is one key item in the modern man’s wardrobe, it’s a pair of white sneakers. You will always play it safe at the office. In addition, this is a great conversation starter with a hot chick.


Although some of the above essentials are a little expensive, they are good investments for several reasons. When you purchase the right foundation wardrobe, you will always look sharp no matter the event.

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