5 Most Wanted Jackets Every Man Should Posses!


There is no doubt that a new jacket is the most exciting sartorial purchase every man can make. Although we are not sure why, nothing else quite compares. Nowadays, jackets have become undeniable staple in the world of fashion. For the last couple of years, some unique styles have gained a lot of popularity. The jackets that have managed to stand the test of time boast of extremely rich heritage and unique design principle. They have kept fame over the years.

You can attest that choosing a design that will keep you comfortable and retain its original look for decades can be quite difficult. There are a few tasteful layers that have the ability to tick each of those boxes and more. Here are our 5 favorite jackets. Each of them would be a fantastic long term in addition to a well-curated wardrobe.

Bomber Jacket

Do you have a faintest interest in men’s fashion? You must be knowing that men’s fashion has come a long way. In that case, the bomber jacket is no exception. European Air Forces were the first to use this style in the 1950s. Thanks to advancements in aeronautical technology. Usually, they were designed without a collar. This would allow the parachute to fit more comfortably. In addition, an orange lining was included. This was deemed to attract attention from the ground in case of emergency. The bomber jacket is made from high-quality lamb suede. Moreover, the handsome garment has ribbed trimmed internal pockets.


Denim Jacket

With a rich heritage, they have made their mark on American fashion. They were first worn in the 19th century. From many people attestation, they truly are a beloved piece of outerwear. The durable jackets have typically been constructed from durable denim. Levi’s Strauss is attributed for bringing them to prominence. With time they have been recognized as a generational icon for western outwear.


Black Leather Jacket

When pulled correctly, leather jackets will look great. But if you wear an ill-fitting leather jacket, you will look terrible. In that case, the jacket will either be too big or loose. While the sleeves should never be over-sized, the jacket should hug the body.


Military Jacket

For decades, elements of military uniform have been part of the fashion. They were first introduced to us by Coco Chanel in 1917. This lifted off the backs of the French Navy. By 1960, these jackets had gained popularity with the European Air Force. The classic wear is so easy to wear.

Baseball Jacket

This jacket is not just for players anymore. There is no American sport that has experienced long-lasting influence on menswear than baseball itself. Actually, what happened on the diamond is replicated by millions of men across the world. The first baseball jackets came into existence back in 1865. Through the years, they have become more substantial.


Think of the above jackets as a sort of capsule collection. The Essentials. In fact, a modern man shouldn’t go without them. We believe that every stylish man should have all at his disposal.

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Story by: Jeremy Cabral | Photography: @FMWdotcom

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