A Spirited Performance By Indus Creed

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By: Laxmi Punjabi

The perfect ending to the much-celebrated college festival Kaleidoscope was the performance of famous rock group Indus Creed. The concert featured pulsating tracks from their latest album Evolve (which is releasing after 17 long years).

Vocalist Uday Benegal with other band members Mahesh Tinaikar, Zubin Balaporia, Rushad Mistry and Jai Row Kavi entertained the crowd with vivacious lyrics and peppy beats. The audience especially enjoyed the song Fireflies.

The group first came together in 1985 and called itself Rock Machine. Over the years, the artistes changed and so did the name. However, Rock Machine was the first Indian artistes to appear on MTV Asia. In 1997, the band was named as the best Indian band by Channel V.

Their insistence on only playing cover songs was readily accepted and appreciated by audiences. These rockers have definitely come a long way. Front man Uday Benegal looked so excited to play among young rock lovers.

One youngster said, “It was a thrilling experience to listen to such legendary artistes.”

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