Business plan of a well dressed executive

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“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different” – Coco Chanel

Most of us with a regular corporate job tend to complain about a lack of time for grooming. We watch an episode of Sex and the City, drool over a Devil Wears Prada and then say “Why do we not dress like this in India?”

The czars of fashion in India have over the last couple of years strived to provide collections that aimed to redefine work wear. Trends have changed and international standards are being met! So when in 2014, India’s premier fashion brand Van Heusen , presented to the country it’s most fashionable executives lot, almost everyone took notice. When the contest returned in 2015, the curiosity only deepened.

Van Heusen, proudly presents the Top 10 of India’s most fashionable executives. From software developers to business heads, the winning list has them all.

  1. Akshata Shanbagh
  2. Binod Rai
  3. Darshit Lahane
  4. Mohanlal Sivakumar
  5. Muzammil Khwaja
  6. Niharika Soni
  7. Payal Jain
  8. Ram Kumar
  9. Rashmi Jyoti
  10. Ruchi Das

Fashion is serious business, well for us atleast. So we thought, why not reveal the business secrets of the successful and the fashionable, handpicked by Van Heusen.

  1. Importance of fashion in business: Fashion is an attitude, one that needs to be deeply engraved. What it does to you is nothing short of magic. Wear an outfit that will lift your mood, imbibe confidence and frame an influential personality. It’s a language, a means to express your identity. Simply put, clothes aren’t going to change the world. The people wearing them are!
  2. The power of Power Dressing’: It’s all about POWER DRESSING. Rich & royal colors, suitable accessories, the whole combination should be smart enough to leave an impact on others. Power dressing builds the ability to convey an attitude and integrity to the role one performs at work and displays intent to be in control.
  3. How to dress to stay on top of your game: When it comes to fashion and business, staying at the top of your game is crucial. Dress for the occasion and keep the colors of the weather in mind. Choose the right fit, the perfect cut and don’t leave your sense of style behind as you walk out the door. Pick an earthy color for the summer, a pop color under a formal suit for a meeting in the monsoons and a cardigan with boots and muffler round your neck in the winters and you are bound to make heads turn even while at work.

Well, with a plan like this in hand, there’s absolutely nothing that can stop you from becoming a style icon at work.

Fashion Most Wanted sends out its heartiest wishes to the winners. Stay stylish!

By: Giselle Mendes

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