Decoding The Secret Travel Society – ASMALLWORLD

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Picture2Take a seat and read intently, as we decode the most popular secret travel society – ASMALLWORLD, is a network of travellers, of which you can be a member by invitation only. One may never find out about the activities, the events that go on within unless your a member. Intrigued by the ambiguous mystery that envelopes the world of travellers, we decided to plough deeper and know more what being part of this network can be all about!

Sabine Hiller
Sabine Heller

A fashion enthusiast, a globe-trotter, Sabine Heller, the CEO and President of ASMALLWORLD, gives us some insights on the network that binds people miles away. She started her career in 1998 and since then has been associated with various fashion and media organisations like Harry Winston, Gucci, GILT Group, Erickson Beamon, Branded Media Corporation and Robert Burke Associates. She is also the editor-at-large for Vogue Italia and Purple Fashion Magazine.

Sabine enlightens us, “ASMALLWORLD is a travel and social club that offers content, community and various benefits in 100 cities.” Spread across so many cities, for members, the world’s a big party! With exclusive events all over the globe, they get various invites to party and mingle with others, feeling a part of a group even miles away from home. She shares, “We offer all types of events from casual gatherings in local cities to fabulous weekend getaways in places like Gstaad and Marrakesh – and a lot in between.” She further reflects on her voyages, “ASW isn’t about the pictures you click it’s about the people you meet through it. The most interesting person I’ve ever met through ASW is Rahul Gandhi”

But, we wonder how a network can be so widely spread across the world while not allowing people to sign up on their own. How can something so exclusive be so popular? We live in a world of ironies and if nothing Sabine only agrees with us, “Membership is by invitation. Members invite members. The demand for ASW has always been high. However, we now have included the option to apply for membership that is reviewed by a committee.” With that she gives all of us, non-members the hope to be able to join ASMALLWORLD.

Start sending out applications, people, and save money on vacations- there are a lot of offers and discounts raining on members of ASW!

One may dream, contemplate and hope to get invited to this mysterious abode of globe-trotters; one may visualise themselves on a holiday far away on their favourite la la land.

And what you need to set out on this mesmerising expedition, “an Instagram account, a travel dress from The Bungalow of Bungalow Eight, a great piece of luggage, a Smythson travel notebook,” says Sabine Heller. With that, her eyes gleam in her passion for travel and experiences that go beyond what words can define.–yacdd744

By: Akanksha Narang


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