Designer Paresh Lamba’s Scottish Chivalry

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While you may be preoccupied with grooming that beard, and honing your finest jokes, remember, it’s the chivalry that counts the most. Next time you run down the imaginary red carpet, toward the scrutinising love interest, make sure you dress as a man willing to woe her with charm. Fashion Most Wanted puts together a foolproof look that exhibits your mannerisms, blended with an almost sexy kind of geekism.


Borrow from the chivalrous men of Scotland, tartan trousers paired with a rich and classy jacket. We styled a pair of red tartan trousers with a smart sailor jacket. While a pair of plaid or tartan trousers is by itself a statement piece, a well-tailored one will enhance your look further. Menswear designer Paresh Lamba’s pret and couture menswear line comes with an attitude of its own courtesy of cutting-edge designs, premium fabrics, and great fit. Add a tint of red to the shirt, and you have a look bound to make a lasting first impression.

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It would be interesting to note, that tartan was initially used only as a Highland Dress, however, the Scottish Queen’s patronage paved way for the pattern to be forever etched in fashion. Let the Scottish chivalry make way into your closet, and resonate in your life through style that is evolved beyond boundaries.

A FMW Production

Story by: Akanksha Narang | Model: Jeremy Cabral | Wardrobe Partner: Paresh Lamba |Footwear Partner: Aldo | Watch: Diesel | Photography by: Prince Chandu Leandro and Prachi Chhabria | Location Courtesy: Renaissance Hotel

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