Designer Sunil Mehra unveiled his Autumn Winter 2013 – Krishna’s Lily

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Sunil Mehra’s work is inspired by Lord Krishna and his many avatars; the stories, symbols, and the places which have become spots of worship dedicated tohim particularly Vrindavan. The designs intend to strike a chord with the minds of the viewers and connect them with the supreme Lord Krishna, the creator of all creations. Whether it is the special jacquard weaves with spiritual motifs, Sanskrit lettering in miniature embroideries, the colors turmeric and saffron or the scenic hand paintings on the attires, each ensemble possesses a unique connection to the divine.

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A spiritual and fashion guru, Sunil Mehra joined his ancestral business of garments at the early age of 20. The label “Sunil Mehra” beautifully blends the distinct spheres of high fashion and divinity. Being the only designer to have showcased a Krishna inspired collection at the Iskcon temple, New Delhi; he was well applauded and appreciated for his individualistic expression. The exclusive creations are woven with natural threads and each garment is a humble tribute to the supreme Lord. “All I wish for humanity is for them to be Krishna conscious. Clothes are just a medium of representation, it is the thought behind them which is of utmost importance”, he says. According to him, he is not the one who creates the designs, but Krishna illustrates his mysticism through him.

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