Do’s & Don’ts of Black Dressing

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  • Prefer wool over cotton. Wool gives a thicker, brighter and darker tone of black
  • Wearing full-black is luring but it only goes right when the texture, fabric and patterns of the whole selected outfit is carefully understood. For e.g. a black satin shirt would look better on black wool trousers but not on the cotton ones
Do's and Don'ts of Black Dressing
Do’s and Don’ts of Black Dressing
  • Black makes you look thin, agreed, but then it should be well-fit and well-stitched, an inch here and there would make that notion prove wrong
  • When I mentioned Black Jeans in the Essentials, I meant Black, Jet-black..and no shade near or far from that
  • Black Tie should be selected as per your body shape, a broader upper-body showcasing a slim tie is just a big No-No
  • Black Shoes are a must but too pointed or too blunt would just make yourself look a cowboy or a clown
  • Black Pocket-square is a must. Yes Must..preferably Silk
  • Black Suit and a G-shock, no matter how black, just doesn’t go write
  •  Black Wayfarer’s are classic don’t ruin by buying the cheap-ones
  • Black Formal Belt has a reason to be called “formal” don’t force it over a denim or even a black-cottons
  • Fading of Black is recognizable. So make sure you know when your black outfits needs to be donated
  • Unless you daily ride a Harley or a Haya, try keeping your leather jackets simple and classy
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