Fashionable Blazers for men: The Italian Style!

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When it comes to taste, sophistication, and fashionable blazers for men, you can never beat an Italian. An Italian man knows how to capture hearts with his impeccable style and classic charm. So when we heard that internationally renowned Italian lifestyle brand Cadini is here in India, offering some of the most fashionable blazers for men we couldn’t resist.

We show you how to define Italian fashion in with these effortless looks.

Fashionable Blazers for men: The Italian Style! Model: Jeremy Cabral
Man on a mission:

Texture is a key. If there’s one thing that Italian men understand, it’s that details matter. Instead of wearing a matte poplin shirt with a flat suit, a stylish Italian will play with texture and wear a soft cotton shirt blazer and linen washed co-ordinate suit. The contrast in texture is the key to a successful outfit. While the blazer and pants exude the refining texture of linen in a pastel ink hue. Plain white shirt brim the texture quite right. Exemplary of vigour and power men at work is suited to perfection yet in comfort to explore their creative edge. 

Cadini man on brunch:  

Italian style is so distinctive it’s quite tempting to assume that Italian men wear loud clothes. In fact, the best of them do the exact opposite. Far from employing eye-catching, neon dandy flourishes such as gaudy bow ties or boldly coloured chinos, they are dressed in subdued shades of sand, stone, white, and pastels.

Fashionable Blazers for men: The Italian Style! Model: Jeremy Cabral

Despite the linen blazer and the premium tailoring, the impression made is a casual one thanks to the soft white linen shirts and pants paired with pastel mint linen blazer. You feel the summer vibe yet in a classic Italian manner. This might not be the ideal look for a day spent in a lawyer’s office but it would be ideal for a weekend lunch in a restaurant.

Cadini man at the party:

Italians are natural charmers and the life of the party. Italians keep the party alive with their positive energy. Although summers distinctively refrain us from wearing blazers. Italians exactly know how to keep it on all the time. The brand Cadini offers Linen and cotton blazers line that relaxes the attitude and fills you with enviable self-assurance.

It is all about the fine fittings and embracing a mirror cracking look. So when you have a blazer which is quite obviously your canvas. So in carrot red hues, you are distinctively the heart of the party! 

CADINI brings the best of Italian fashion to Indian consumers offering some of the most wanted fashionable blazers for men through its exclusive brand outlets at Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Pune. 

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Photography by: Sushant Sawant | Story by:  Jeremy Cabral

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