FMW Trend Alert: Splatter Away!

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What is it that defines you? Is it your 9-5 job, your family and friends, your hobbies or your sheer need to break away from the norm””rebellious with a soul is what we’d like to call it! Now don’t get us wrong. We don’t mean to go pick up fights and be all macho, we are still, well, FashionMostWanted. Our realm of advice also revolves around fashion, food and décor.

Today, it is more about self-expression in fashion. Labels don’t define you, but your personality does. And what better way to enhance your personality by experimenting with some eye make-up.

Warning: This is post is directed for men and is about make-up!

If you are still reading this, then we like you already. Without further ado, let’s get what’s the connection between eye make-up and men. Smokey, kohl-filled eyes and glittery lids are so passé, paint splatter is the next big thing. The most enthralling part about this eye up-do is that men do sheer justice to it. Their masculinity and that perfect jawline tend to define their eyes. Even though the look is super messy, on the contrary, men look better when they’re messy, don’t they?

This trend, which emerged at the New York Fashion Week is a keeper. It was first spotted on the runway with an array of paint splattered garments and now we are totally crushing over it. Kunal Rawal, being the fashionista he is, used something so edgy at his latest show that left all of us awestruck. The idea behind his collection was self-expression, hence the models sported splattered eye make-up, heavy metal jewellery and painted nails.

Models Strut the ramp for Kunal Rawal

Why can’t boys have fun with their make-up too?” Kunal aptly said.

Varun Dhawan walk as showstopper for Kunal Rawal at Lakme Fashion Week 2018
Varun Dhawan for Kunal Rawal

Glitter, water colours, eyeshadow or even dewy pens work best for this look, all you must do is quickly apply it on your eyelids and smudge it across to your temples and your brows. The messier the look, the sexier it looks. All you must do is smudge, smear, blotch and you’re good to go. Guess what? Effortless eye make-up is now just a splatter away!

A Fashion Most Wanted Production

Story by: Adelle Rodrigues | Text by: Esther Cabral | Graphics by: Vritti Gala

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