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Whilst browsing through the latest hair trends over a lazy weekend last week. I wanted to experiment a little with my hair, but not very drastically. I came across GQ’s latest hair trend report. Since, it was the weekend and I was too lazy to do my research. I decided to trust GQ and follow the hair trends they recommended for this season. This time I wanted to go with something that’s classic, neat and sharp. 

So, I headed over to my favourite barber shop to get the look right. The results were astonishing.

Grooming at True Fitt and Hill.jpg

I wanted to maintain the length of my hair at the same wanted it short from the back and sides with lots of texture through the top, and just enough length to have flexibility to dress it up or down ““ depending on my mood and the occasion.

Jeremy Cabral -

Jeremy Cabral - (2)

We highly recommend this style for those who like it classic. Short, neat and deconstructed, but with a bit of length. Avoid if you have a round- or squareshaped
face, because this cut will give you a blocklike appearance.

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Story by: Jeremy Cabral | Photography: Sushant Sawant

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