How loafers for men have evolved in recent times


Story by: Jeremy Cabral


The basic design for loafers has its origin in the Norwegian region invented by fishermen. Travelers found them interesting, and it started trading across Europe as it gained popularity. Loafers started out as simple leather slip-on shoes with some straps on it and have evolved as a shoe suited for every occasion. Today these mens loafers are produced all over the world and have made their way to be a wardrobe staple for most people. 

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Loafers were termed penny loafers eventually by a student who would wear the shoes to school and put a penny inside in case of any emergencies that they may need to communicate home via payphone. The loafers design back then allowed just enough space to keep two cents which were the cost for an emergency call hence the name Penny loafers.


Men Loafers can suit whatever occasion due to their smart but casual look and feel. Men Loafers have a variety of designs and colours. The designs have a great assortment of loafers that combine comfort and style to bring out an iconic collection of the shoe. Wildsmith loafers have an easygoing but classy look with a serrated seam and perpendicular stitching over the toe. This gives the design an elegant and sleek presentation. Oxford brogues and Scottish golf men loafers have inspired kilted loafers design. They are well suited for a golfing day at the country club. Horsebit was first produced by Gucci in black with an added metal horsebit hence the name. This gives the shoes an elegant and classy look yet casual fit for summer. Belgian men loafers are unique as they have a simple knot bow sewn at the top. Tasselled loafers became popular in the United States after World War II mainly viewed as a perfect fit for black-tie occasions. The unique feature for Tassel is that it is held in place by a leather strand. Aurland has a robust look with a raised seam and a narrow cut on a saddle which give it a boxy feel.


Men Loafers are adaptable and can be integrated into various wardrobes to match different styles. They have a way of making a casual outfit look elegant. Loafers are perfect when you want to have lightweight footwear on and still feel confident with your outfit. Men’s loafers are suitable when you want to try out bold colours and printed outfits ideal for summers. There many styles that can be paired with loafers, including denim and shorts to suit warm seasons. They also give an allowance for socks or no socks, giving more room for feet to breathe. For a casual yet elegant feel, loafers go well with a cardigan shawl. An overcoat worn with khakis is a look that can be upgraded with a pair of loafers. Leather bike jacket and rugged jeans can also be complemented with loafers to class up the look. Sockless loafers with suits have become trendy, allowing a range of colours and style, including tuxedo.

Loafers are the right way of upgrading outfits for various occasions. It has been and continues to be an essential part of men’s wardrobe. Be imaginative and bold when choosing the outfit to go with your loafers.

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