Its A Guy Thing

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By: Roshni Raj

Hello boys. We’ve been tipping the girls so much on updating their wardrobe, that we thought its time we’d like to see some smokin’ hot from your side sporting fancy looks to steal our hearts. So we did a little study to help you dress to impress. Well the girls we talked to belonged to different fields of work, age groups and societies, but c’mon, we found the smartest and the sexiest men carrying off these trends somewhere, sometime. And we hope to see them on you too, soon.

For starters, the chilled-out look always works. Boys will be boys and we love it when you carry off those shorts with ease. What works the best is the clichéd yet sexy, shorts, tee, sunglasses and flips. Easy-peasy and not too overdressed for the day, the comfort and non chalance of this is totally working its way to impress. The better you co-ordinate the colours, the faster we acknowledge 😉


You don’t always have to dress like you’re going for a black tie event, and we’re here helping you work the night ‘sleek and smart’ look with the hint of casual and easy. Formal pants are so boring; noticing the sexy man wearing them is far too fetched now. Well we found the perfect alternative. Denims with the classic cut and colour of formals; find your perfect fit and we would love to see a little difference for a change. Have the girls turning their heads for a change.

Women are suckers for the Patrick Dempsey killer eyes and men who smell divine. But don’t kill us with the same old Polo T-shirts. They’re way too old and it’s time to burn them. Also, the tees with catchy phrases on them which people wore in school. Its time for them to retire. Now after making space in your wardrobe, fill it in with classy T-shirts, a must have waist coat for the semi casual look that will work great for the chilly weather setting in.

2A jacket is always your best companion when not sure. Keep your options open, ranging from the formal, semi-formal, casual, military etc. It will also earn you brownie points when you share it with the freezing ladies at the club. Cheers.

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