Let’s celebrate OUR success!

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Success is defined by the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. This is universal for all ““ you and me! Sadly, while we’re really good at celebrating other people’s success, how often do we cherish  and celebrate our own success? We may achieve our set goals, but always turn to others to give us a pat on the back. And, god forbid, we fall a bit short of excelling at a task, then all hell has broken lose.

Jeremy Cabral for Platinum Jewellery
Let’s celebrate OUR success!

These thoughts are just a form of head trash and paying too much attention to it may lead you to some serious problems. Thus, it is necessary to celebrate your achievements and success at every stage in life.

Precious Platinum Chain
Let’s celebrate OUR success!

Here are 4 ways to celebrate your success:

  1. Dress your role: It is imperative that not only wear the right attire, but also celebrate what you wear. Make your wardrobe a source of inspiration by dressing and reflecting your success with some fine pieces. We recommend you opt for platinum, which is the most precious, yet subtle and sophisticate
  2. Invest in a hobby: We all have our goals, aspiration and dreams. Invest in a hobby that excites you. It could be your love for sport cars, so go ahead and embark your journey in this race. Don’t hesitate to splurge on something that makes you happy.
  3. Set ashore: Maybe you’ve always wished to own a private yacht to navigate through the ocean. Sometimes, fulfilling your deep down desire of possession of something you really value makes all the difference and lets you reflect your true success.
  4. Focus on the positives: Admit it! None of us are blessed with everything in life. In such a circumstance, it is important to focus on the positives. Focus on what you have, not what you lack. Maintain a diary which focuses on the highlights’ of your day. Read this whenever you feel low to boost your morale. Human beings are motivated by success, not failure. So, celebrate your success!
Let's celebrate OUR success!
Let’s celebrate OUR success!

It is the discerning man who makes a dapper statement not just with his look but his attitude that sets him apart from the herd. Ambition, individuality coupled with practicality defines the true quality of an urban man.

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Story by: Jeremy Cabral | Platinum chain and ring by: Precious Platinum | Location courtesy: Pepper Fry Studio | Photography by: Sushant Sawant

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