Men Gear Up For Valentine’s Day

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By: Roshni Raj

With the madness of Valentine’s Day shuttling around the month, men are getting fussier and raising the bar to attain those killer looks’. Hey! Nobody’s complaining here. Go on and bring us the allure of middle school love at first sight.

And for those struggling, FWM is your superhero for the event. No matter how flattering and sexy they are, black suits have been over used to space and back. We’re sure the girls are looking for something more this time. Coloured pants? Much in trend and we’re starting to think the uni- sexuality quotient is rising when it comes to these.

Tamer colours seem soothing and comforting to the eye and we’d love to see the boys tone it down with shades of burgundy or over washed red for this day. How about this?

pastel pants for men (1)

It is after all a special day and we’re helping you work on the formal yet informal look. Smart and sexy, we had a moment of heart wrenching love for this Balmain jacket. We wouldn’t mind black not-so-formal blazers with this too, but this jacket is definitely one step closer to looking like a heartthrob.

Balmain jacket

We’d suggest plain suede loafers in neutral shades to add the ease on it. Not too much accessorizing we say, unless you’re freezing and can do with a scarf or so. For those setting the mood for day, shades and hats are totally winning and we’d love the easy smirk too.
Don’t forget to smell nice and keep up that smile. Go make

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